Arts in Education

DNACA's arts in Education (AIE) program is a partnership with the Del Norte County Unified School District. DNACA accepts applications from local and regional teaching artists each fall; each spring those artists go into K-8 schools all over the district to teach several different arts media. Classrooms throughout the county receive a variety of hands-on workshops and performance demonstrations from these talented artists who receive professional compensation for their time. DNACA is able to reach an average of 1200 students annually through this program.

Paper ClayExamples of hands-on workshops that have been offered include: printmaking, pencil drawing, clay working, silk painting, dance movement, watercolor, poetry writing, bookmaking, fiber arts, and mask making. Each workshop consists of one to three classroom visits, usually for a total of three hours of in-class instruction and arts projects. Examples of performance demonstrations that have been offered include: percussion instruments from all over the world, Native American storytelling, guitar music, and North Coast storytelling. These consist of one hour-long visit to the classroom for demonstration and student participation.

DNACA's AIE Program began in the school year 1983-1984 stemming from a pilot program in the Del Norte County Unified School District. In order to establish a model for this program, an artists-in-schools committee was formed consisting of a professional artist, a classroom arts instructor, a professional artist/art therapist, a high school student, and the then-DNACA coordinator. With administrative streamlining and occasional expansion or contraction, the model developed by this committee has been used in the Del Norte public schools ever since.

Artists in Residence Program

Ballroom Dancing
In the past, DNACA has also been able to offer residencies (several visits over the course of several weeks) from teaching artists in media such as clay ceramics and ballroom dancing. These were made possible thanks to grants from the Humboldt Area Foundation and the California Arts Council's Artists in Schools (AIS) Program.