Arts in Corrections

Since 2014, DNACA has been a subcontractor for the William James Associationís Arts in Corrections program (AIC). They contract with teaching artists to offer workshops in California State Prisons throughout the state as a partnership between the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the California Arts Council. DNACA helps to coordinate with several artists in our region to teach varying media at Pelican Bay State Prison, including: painting; drawing; guitar; creative writing; performance art; and more to come as the program grows.

Each year, usually April, DNACA dedicates one of its rotating shows in the courthouse to an exhibit of the artwork created by these students. Very rarely (due to regulations with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) we have been able to offer other public events, including: a reception with a reading from the book "My Brother's Keeper", a collection of creative writings by Cecelia Hollandís students that was published in the summer of 2018; and performances by Dell' Arte's students (by invitation only).

Visit our Community Arts Calendar and acebook Page for updates on upcoming exhibits and other events as a part of this program.

Imagery of this program is unavailable due to California State Prison classification standards.

Please contact us if you have questions.